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Dr. Amy Marsh

Sex Radicals Occupy Their Bodies!

b2ap3 large Occupy Your BodyReposting this from 2014 - as the "forces" of sexual repression are even more in evidence than they were a couple of years ago!   These are spirited times! As a sexologist trained in the “sex radical” tradition of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, and also in the spirit of inclusiveness, I’d like to not...
Dr. Amy Marsh

13 Reasons Why I Developed an Online "Sissy Maid" Course

1. Because I support gender identity and behavior variance, from hither to yon. 2. Because, as I look back over sixty years of an unconventional life, I am now particularly in the mood to celebrate (once again) creative manifestations of outlaw femininity – including (but not limited to) sissies, burlesque dancers, and fem dommes. 3. Because I...
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