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Ava is the founder and director of Creative Sexuality Education Center. Using her experience in and love for online education, she established CSEC as a place where quality sex educators and knowledge seekers worldwide can find each other.

She's an online education specialist, not a sex educator or sexologist, but is passionate about supporting their work and helping adults and professionals find high-quality  learning opportunities in sexuality and sexual health. Her interest in these areas dates back to her  Midwestern high school days as a hotline volunteer with Operation Venus, and her insatiable curiousity continues to this day.

Struck by the proliferation of online “information dumps” and lack of instructor-guided online classes for adults,  Ava initially set out to create a professional-grade virtual campus for sexuality educators who wanted to teach online. That campus now houses a growing number of public and private online classes. But as she began seeing the important work being done by dedicated sexuality educators in live venues and various online formats worldwide, she expanded the vision to make CSEC into a central hub to help adults and professionals everywhere to advance their knowledge, expertise. acceptance, and personal fulfillment.  

Ava Durga

Erotic Heritage Museum Weekend with Rose Adare and Carol Queen, PhD: Aug. 5–7, Las Vegas

Promising a provocative one-two punch that only the most venerable of sex-positive institutions could, the Erotic Heritage Museum will present a weekend of two sex education/entertainment giants: Rose Adare and Carol Queen, PhD.  Friday night, August 5th, kicks off the full weekend celebration with a meet-and-greet reception with the women fro...
Ava Durga

How CSEC Came to Be: The Bendy Road Here

How CSEC Came to Be: The Bendy Road Here
I'm not a sexologist, sex educator, or sex worker, so people often wonder how this site came to be. Here's some of the back story. More-years-than-I-like-to-admit ago, I was working in management for a thriving online university and had just begun exploring BDSM (which on some days weren't that much different) when t...

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