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Ralph Greco, Jr. is the nom de plume of Ralph Greco. He is an ASCAP-licensed songwriter, professional playwright, the east coast correspondent/reviewer/interviewer for, the editor-in-chief of the global latex fashion quarterly magazine, Von Gutenberg (as well as the editor-in-chief of its site) and “The Sex Files” weekly column at and and the PR liaison for The Erotic Heritage Museum.

A professional copywriter, Ralph has worked for clients around the world in and out of the adult field, from writing escort’s web copy, to blogging for naturopaths, to creating "infotaiment" pieces for Caesar Milan, to ghost writing adult dental care books. Ralph’s short fiction (erotic and “straight”) has been published in 7 countries, various anthologies and single-author short story collections, most notablly from Xcite Books and Sexy Little Pages in the UK, and C.F. Publications, Wordwooze, and Renaissance E Books in the U.S. Ralph also teaches classes at fetish/lifestyle events with fellow erotic writer M. Christian (see their offerings here:

Among Ralph’s works and books are Cora's Plan; Dating While Intexticated: Dating in the Age of the Internet; Far Out Within: Off-Trail Science Fiction and Fantasy; Tease: Stories of Male Sexual Denial; and Oh, Those Darn Dominant MILFs: The Goddesses of Suburbia.

Ralph Greco

Where You Least Expect Your Dirty Writing To Sell

 Coming across a sexual “caption” site the other day (purely for research purposes of course) I was as struck by how simply manipulative the sexual fodder was, as well as how effective. It was a site of still pictures, all of attractive women, all with a certain, shall we say, "dominant cast." Some of the ladies were obviously posed and set in...
Ralph Greco

The Top 5 Ways Social Media Is Killing Your Writing Career

I hate to be so bold as to offer the title of this blog, but I think it might be time we gave this some thought. Really, consider this before we jump in ever deeper into the morass. In our online classes at Creative Sexuality, Chris and I come down on slightly opposite sides of this point personally, an overall difference of opinion over havin...
Ralph Greco

See The Book, Read The Movie...What Fifty Shades Might Teach Us

As someone who makes his living writing—and in most cases writing dirty words—I look at the new Fifty Shades Of Grey film in two ways (and no, I have yet to nor am I planning on actually seeing it.) First, regardless if it is considered it better or worse than the first book of E.L. James' 50 Shades trilogy it is based on, the film—as all film...
Ralph Greco

We Ain't S*** Without You

If you are teaching a class and believe that you may have come to the point of "well-I-am-so-smart-this-class-is-just-going-to-sit-back-and-love-me-transfixed-by-my-presence-and-knowledge," then you have gone too far. It’s time to sit back, take a break, and reconsider what it is you are doing…and more importantly, why you are doing it.&n...
Ralph Greco

Expanding Our Options

As publisher Jim Loftin, of Wordwooze Publishing, says: "Until relatively recently, very few publishers of erotica converted the titles in their portfolios into audio books. But the proliferation of smartphones and iPad-like devices with audio apps seems to be encouraging an increase in the number of erotic print and e-books now also available in a...
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