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How CSEC Came to Be: The Bendy Road Here

How CSEC Came to Be: The Bendy Road Here

I'm not a sexologist, sex educator, or sex worker, so people often wonder how this site came to be. Here's some of the back story.

More-years-than-I-like-to-admit ago, I was working in management for a thriving online university and had just begun exploring BDSM (which on some days weren't that much different) when the seed began to sprout for a project that would eventually morph into Creative Sexuality Education Center.

I was lucky to live in a large and liberal city with an open-minded partner, so it was easy to take advantage of local sexuality-related workshops and weekend events. But I also knew that

  • most adults don't know what else they can learn about sexuality or sexual health, or that guided learning opportunities exist; and 
  • there are many talented, dedicated sexuality educators, sexologists, and coaches worldwide, but their reach—and the good they can do—is often limited by geography, room size, promotional power, and sometimes politics.

I'm passionate about the revolutionary potential of online education. And I know first-hand that advanced knowledge and healthier attitudes about sex can have powerful ripple effects—starting with an individual's quality of life and relationships, and extending into global society. 

So in the late 2000s, I decided to create a website and virtual campus where adult sex educators could teach their own classes online. A friendly, sexy, sex-positive learning community to help people become healthier, happier, more excited about life, and more erotically joyful. Helping educators combine sexuality education with e-learning became a personal mission. (There's more on this in my interview with Dr. Martha Tara Lee on Eros Revolution)

The vision was vivid, but online education and the related technology were still relatively new. I had no staff, no budget, a sub-optimal domestic life, and meager disposable income or time, but figured I could find an affordable developer through friends' referrals or freelancing platforms and work like a fiend during my off hours. Bootstrap by inches. Plus I'm a reasonably bright DIY workaholic. How hard could it be…..? 

More continuing education in the school of life.

After one corporate name change, two breakups, three blind alleys, and four developers/designers who couldn't deliver what they promised, my mojo and bank account waned and my confidence faltered. What I envisioned was bigger than the resources I brought to the table. Things worked to a degree, but never well enough.  

Over the last 3 years, the site has remained mostly dormant and unmarketed, the campus used by only a few forward-thinking (and very patient) sexologists and educators--among them, Dr. Amy Marsh, Dr. Bob Rubel, and Emily Prior with the Center for Positive Sexuality--while I worked to regain my footing after a life-altering event and decide whether to abandon the project or set a new direction.

As it often does, the Universe brought things together. I found a US-based developer who untangled the functional mess from previous contractors, put the infrastructure back in place, and made the online classrooms better than ever.

I also began to see that CSEC could do more to promote adult sex ed beyond providing an online campus—it could serve as an information hub and resource center to find workshops, professional development programs, and coaching anywhere. So we set up a World Sex Ed Calendar to publicize face-to-face and online educational events, and refocused the Eros Doctrina blog.

Help shape our evolution.

Like much of life and many bootstrapped enterprises, there have been bumps and detours and forced service stops. CSEC has largely been a labor of love to this point. But it's hitting its stride at last, and that's exciting.

The process continues, and we're counting on your input. Let us know what you want to help CSEC be better.  ​​~ Ava

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