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Expanding Our Options

As publisher Jim Loftin, of Wordwooze Publishing, says: "Until relatively recently, very few publishers of erotica converted the titles in their portfolios into audio books. But the proliferation of smartphones and iPad-like devices with audio apps seems to be encouraging an increase in the number of erotic print and e-books now also available in audio format."

And so my sex writing keeps on…

In the summer of 2010 I finally had a sit down with Jean Marie Stine of Renaissance eBooks, Inc. We began a relationship then and there that carries on to this day of Jean Marie publishing my eBook titles, lots of it erotica, from her Sizzler Editions arm of the company. Among a handful of very few, Jean Marie is one of the very best people I have met in (and even out) "the business." The opportunity she gave me publishing my erotica, when the actual print book publishing business all but ignores the genre (remember, Fifty Shades of Grey made it as an eBook first) is one I will never forget.

The fact that I can take those books and have Jim Loftin now create and sell audio books from my Sizzler titles proves to me--as it should to us all teaching classes, writing books, selling adult toys, etc.--that there are many ways to keep putting your stuff out there, to renew your brand (for want of a better word) to keep your "older" stuff bringing in revenue anew.

There is also a ​​synergy that works for companies if they chose to exploit it. Jean Marie and Jim are happy to work together, each knowing that a sale of my book from either of them works to a possible sale or at least attention to their copy of my title. This is really the very best of how modern technology works to serve us all these days, no matter the business you are in. Not burning a bridge across the deep waters of social media or across this wacky interweb thing we are all on, has never been more apropos.

I am from a generation quite a bit older than the one ruling the web these days, spinning circles round us all implementing communication (if you want to call it communication) Dick Tracy-like by engaging devices attached to their wrists. But I do want to exploit that which I feel works for me personally, and so should you…sex educators, writers, brick layers, whoever you happen to be.

If you've made that particular widget for a while now, there might be a new way to sell it, think about it, present it.

Keep those possibilities open.

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