• Evenings with Dr. Bob Rubel & Friends: Web Chats on Alternative Relationships

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    On the second Tuesday of each month, lifestyle educator and author Dr. Bob Rubeloffers a free web-based open discussion on topics related to Master/slave, BDSM, and power exchange lifestyles. Webinars begin promptly at 9 pm Eastern time and last 60-80 minutes. 

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    April 12, 2016: "Invisible Intersections: the Hidden Secret to Power Exchange Relationship Sustainability"—Master Obsidian and slave Namaste

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    Power exchange dynamics are actually relationships, and within those relationships, the most important issue concerns how we relate to each other. One of the biggest areas of discord within the relationship isn’t about how the coffee is made or how the sheets are folded; risky discord lurks under the surface in  the hidden “big stuff” that applies to how we will live our lives together.
    In this discussion, educators and relationship mentors Master Obsidian and slave Namaste will outline a method for clarifying each person's invisible relationship drivers and present a practical application of these drivers for maintaining the pleasure (as well as serving the purpose) of the relationship throughout all of its seasons.
    This powerful and impactful discussion will help you whether you’re single, in a new relationship, or have been together for many years.

    March 22, 2016: "Masters in Service"—Master Taino

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    More often than not, we hear that Master/slave relationships are about slaves serving their Masters. In this class, Master Taíno will address the different ways in which Masters are also in service.
    The concept may sound strange to many, but Master Taíno will explain this reality in our Master/slave relationships, both in everyday life as well as in the most difficult time life can throw to us.  Participation from the attendees is encouraged.

    March 8, 2016: Open Discussion, Topic TBD

    NOTE: Tonight's scheduled topic, "Transgender in the Lifestyle" with Samantha G., was postponed due to illness. Tonight's discussion was free-form, with topics determined based on the attendees' interest.   

    February 23, 2016: "Fetishistic Cigar Service"—Dan AngelRiot, Austin

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    (Note: No webcam feed in this recording.)

    Cigars have a long history as symbols of power, masculinity, and privilege - a symbol that early leather took as its own. Like bootblacking, there is culture and science and ritual attached to cigar service, as well as the opportunity to indulge in your favorite kinky recreations.

    Dan AngelRiot will talk about the role of cigars as leather iconography and will demonstrate the cigar service ritual that he trains his partners in. He and a partner will both discuss service as a fetish, and the ways in which their cigar service gratifies them.

    February 9, 2016: "Flameless Wax Play"—Master Tandeer (Austin)

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    Come learn how to play with wax without using fire. This way you may play with it in public spaces that do not allow live flames. I will cover our demo bottom in warmth that will last hours after we remove the wax. She will be turned into a living breathing canvas for me to create a one of a kind work of art on. I can't draw, paint, or sculpt so this is my artistic outlet. I would suggest taking notes as there is a fairly long list of supplies and tools needed.

    Guest Bio: Master Tandeer began her journey into BDSM around the turn of the century. She started out as a “switch” because she learns best with a hands-on style. After two years she topped over and took up her calling as a leatherWoman, FemDom and sadist.

    Tandeer is the remaining original founder of Dom's Den of Central Texas. She is an active member of many of Austin’s groups such as Voyager’s, GWNN, and ClubFem Austin and she supports the Austin girls of Leather. She is also a supporter of G.E.A.R.S. and GULP. 

    January 26: 2016: "Fire Massage"—Master Dennis and slave bonnie (Phoenix)

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    Presenters: Master Dennis and slave bonnie (Phoenix)

    I was in Tucson, Arizona playing in the dungeon behind closed doors. Jen and I were, in fact, co-topping a fire play scene with slave s. As we were working away, I noticed Master Dennis setting up some complex scene at the station next to hours. Focused, I didn't see what he was doing. The next time I looked up I saw sheet of flame dancing on his bottom's back. It was huge: from where we were playing, it appeared that he had a flame that was about 18" x 30". It was stunning but I was focused on our own play.

    After our scene ended, we went over to find out what in the world he was doing.

    He explained the system that he had worked out. It involves plastic wrap, both dry and wet towels, and then lighting and playing with the alcohol on the top layer. "Care to do that on a webinar?" I asked. "Sure," he replied. And so here we are. This one is going to be exciting.

    January 12, 2016: "Welcoming the New Year: Small Group Informal Gathering with Friends"—Dr. Bob

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    We've now been broadcasting these webinars twice monthly since September 2011. Before we begin this year's programs with new and established guests, I want to take this time to be available with anyone who simply wanted to visit and share. We will have a core group of regulars and close friends and you're invited to join in. I'm likely to be curled up on the couch beside a nice fire in the fireplace. We'll keep a spot warm for you. 

    December 8, 2015: "The Loving Dominant…That Just Ain’t Me"—Stitch and maulee

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    Guests: Stitch and maulee

    There is a talk in our M/s community about being an honorable and caring Master who puts their slave’s needs above their own wants. There is also talk about Masters being uncaring and insensitive to the wants (and even needs) of their slaves as they gratify their own wants. Tonight's guest, Stitch (joined by his slave, maulee) falls largely into this second camp.

    Stich says, "There are many paths to mastery: tonight I’m going to go through my own story of growth and introspection explaining how my views have changed as I’ve come to understand myself and my partner. I am a psychic vampire, and much of this story will relate to how my vicious red energy mixes with my slave’s crystal white energy and how I’ve had to learn to balance our play to avoid overwhelming her. 

    "I’d like to know: Is it okay to be yourself? Is it okay to be Master the way your way, not like some storybook hero or villain?  We are all jerks and assholes sometimes, but even that—being a jerk or asshole—brings up another question: How do you retain or regain Mastery after incidents where you’ve been your asshole self and emotionally wounded your slave?"

    Guest bio: Stitch has been active in the local central Texas BDSM community for 3 years, attending events hosted by many groups in the area but calls Central Texas Touch of Leather his "home." His 17 years of proud military service has helped him in his exploration of power exchange relationships and walking a Leather path. His interests in the lifestyle include fire spinning, impact play, knife play, and sensual/sensory play. He is served by his slave maulee.

    Come join us as we share and discuss some of the uncomfortable aspects of leading a Master/slave dynamic.

    November 10, 2015: "Sex, Love, Hormones, and Brains"—Dr. Anke Zimmermann

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    Guest: Dr. Anke Zimmermann

    Are women really from Venus and men from Mars? Recent and very exciting scientific discoveries are proving that the difference between the sexes and how they relate to one another is largely biochemically based and can be explained by our hormones. Our hormones shape the way our brains function, affecting thought and emotion. This can give us insights into any relationship and has interesting applications for D/s and M/s dynamics. Learn about maintaining healthy hormone balance to improve your relationships, your health and your energy level.   Presenter: Dr. Anke Zimmermann, BSc, ND, FCAH  is a naturopathic physician with a strong interest in brain health as well as D/s and M/s relationships. She lives in beautiful Victoria, BC and enjoys using her talents to improve people's lives and relationships.


    October 27, 2015: "Targeting Multiple Learning Styles for Better Kink Presentations"—Lady Elsa

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    Guest: Lady Elsa

    Do you learn best by sitting quietly in a chair while someone lectures at you? Me neither! Most people don't. So why do we keep promoting that model in kink education?
    Kink education doesn't have to be dull. Get ready to discover some tools that will change the way you write and deliver presentations. In this session you'll learn about the four key learning styles and how they affect a person's ability to take in and retain information. You'll identify your own personal style and its strengths and weaknesses in the classroom, and get tips for developing activities that target multiple styles for maximum student engagement.
    Lady Elsa is a femme leatherdyke with a passion for kink education. She is proud to have served as half of the very first International Power Exchange couple in 2012, and has travelled all over the country talking and teaching about non-traditional power exchange and BDSM spirituality and encouraging healthy power exchange relationships. In her local Indianapolis community, she is the leader and co-founder of Andromeda, a BDSM social and educational group for kinky women, and has held many leadership positions in NLA Indianapolis. Lady Elsa’s current crusade is to help improve the quality of BDSM education by conducting “Train the Trainer” intensives for current and aspiring local and regional presenters throughout the USA. Some of her favorite things include clothespin play, pressure points, butches in business attire, and endorphins.
    The PowerPoint slide deck used in this presentation is available to members of Jen & Dr. Bob's private learning community.

    October 13, 2015: "A Working M/s Household"—James Gordon, Rebecca Doll, and Miranda Jade

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    Guests: James Gordon, Rebecca Doll, and Miranda Jade

    In some literature, M/s households exist primarily to serve the physical needs of a Master or Mistress.  In the real world, some entertainers, educators, and others use their M/s households in an "active" way to travel, present events or entertainments, handle conference organization, or support charity or even a business. The Master may not always be the subject matter expert, project lead, or person in charge.  How does the "work" ethic merge with M/s dynamics?
    Tonight's guests are James Gordon, Rebecca Doll and Miranda Jade, who share membership in the House of Artemisia, a poly household which works and plays together. 
    James holds a certification in clinical hypnotherapy and over the past decade has built an interpretation of power exchange which focuses on the individual taking power for themselves to bestow where they choose without dictates from state or society. 
    Miranda Jade is a kinky intellectual slut with nerd credentials that include a degree from MIT. As a librarian and researcher she brings a high standard of fact-checking, as well as an excellent lemon-basil gin and tonic. 
    Rebecca Doll, a self-described "exhibitionist pain slut," delights in tweaking minds and leaving her audience with mouths agape at the end of her scenes. She puts an academic background, including a master's degree in education, to work studying the more twisted desires of the human mind such as the need for control, violence, and self-destruction. Together these three focus on an understanding of our darkest motivations that is firmly rooted in modern understandings of psychology and supported by peer-reviewed research.

    September 22, 2015: "Transparency in the Master/slave Dynamic"—Master Shado and Slave Neeka

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    Guests: Master Shado and slave neeka

    The old saying is that honesty is the best policy... but is it really? We are surrounded by a society that places little to no value on personal integrity and character. Sadly, good guys often DO finish last in this lifestyle. But if we're involved in a Master/slave relationship, trust is, and MUST be the cornerstone of it. Transparency is the action tool that creates and builds that trust. But there are many questions about WHO needs to be transparent to WHO and to WHAT degree? If you make many mistakes at the onset of a new relationship, you'll be fortunate to be granted a second chance, at all. But if you're a relationship veteran and trust has been broken, how does the couple rebuild without destroying a now fragile power structure? You may be lucky enough to get a second chance, but how do you walk this new tightrope?

    Understanding transparency and how it’s used in building a Master/slave relationship can be the answer to the perplexing and anguishing process of either building a new relationship or rebuilding one that's been shaken to it's foundation. We'll look at transparency from both the Master and slave perspective. We'll examine applications that work, as well as applications that often lead to destruction.

    Join our guest, Master Shado and slave neeka, Colorado Master-slave 2015, as they share from their own 8-year journey what has worked, what has failed, and how they nurture their relationship within this paradoxical dynamic. If you truly desire to have more than a one night stand, you need to come, listen, and share with us

    September 8, 2015: "Raising Children While Living Alternative Lifestyles"—Ms. Cenna

    September 8, 2015: "Raising Children While Living Alternative Lifestyles"

    Guest: Ms. Cenna

    Ms. Cenna has been out and about the community since 2006. At that time, her child was 3 years old.  In addition to her young child and her new experiences in BDSM and leather, polyamory was soon added to the daily life in her household.  Juggling those components while raising a child has given her some insights and experiences, all of which gave birth to the upcoming discussion. Participation is highly encouraged! 

    Bio: Ms Cenna shares the responsibility of running her leather household, House Haven, with her husband of 20 years. She has been active in the community since 2006 and went through the Austin Mentors Program in 2009. She worked as the Mentors Program Apprentice Advocate in 2010 and half of 2011, at which point she took over Mentors Program Administration through 2012.  To this day she continues to mentor the apprentices as requested and needed. 

    In the last 3 years she has developed and taught several workshops in various venues, including the GWNN Bash (Austin, TX), Women in Leather Fest (Dallas), and various smaller groups.  Educating and teaching is natural to her; her workshops are built on her personal experiences with BDSM, leather, family, polyamory, and child rearing.

    August 25, 2015: "Troubleshooting Power Exchange Relationships"—Samantha Manewitz, LICSW

    August 25, 2015: "Troubleshooting Power Exchange Relationships"

    Guest: Samantha Manewitz

    In kink, as in life, things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes an unexpected trigger or limit flares up, a signal is misinterpreted, or there is some kind of communication fail. These situations are sometimes hard to anticipate, and can shake a person to the very core. As hard and scary as it can be for a discussion to go wrong, it does not have to end in further explosions or hurt feelings! With the right kind of repair work, it is even possible to build deeper connections and lasting healing for everyone involved. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or exploring a new dynamic, this skills-building class will help you solve and prevent future SNAFUs.

    Samantha Manewitz, LICSW, is an educator, sex nerd, and therapist. As a therapist, she has seen a broad spectrum of clients, including sexual assault survivors and members of all sexuality and gender orientations. Samantha also presents to mental health professionals, sex educators, and alt-sex communities on healthy communication, abuse prevention, and mental health in BDSM. You can learn more on her blog: www.beyondsafewords.com.

    August 11, 2015: "The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Master/Owner"—Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie (Phoenix, AZ)

    August 11, 2015: "The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Master/Owner"

    Guests: Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie

    This is an open session where questions and interact are encouraged. Our guests, Master Dennis and Slave Bonnie, intend to be transparent as they describe their own world view concerning the myths and realities of ownership/master/slave dynamics and offer foresight for others on this path. 

    July 28, 2015: "Living with Intention"—Surêbu Michael Anthony

     July 28, 2015: "Living with Intention"

    Guest: Surêbu Michael Anthony

    This discussion is about us: about how each of us individually continuously make choices on how we live our lives, with clear intention, or not.  We will look at some of our individual methods for living intentionally, especially as it relates to the leather lifestyle. 


    July 14, 2015: "When Power Exchange Becomes a Spiritual Path"—Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny

     July 14, 2015: "When Power Exchange Becomes a Spiritual Path"

    Guests: Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny

    There's using D/s and M/s to add a spiritual dimension to a relationship... and then there's dedicating yourself to this work as a spiritual path in and of itself. We'll compare spiritual power exchange to monasticism, noblesse oblige, asceticism, liege-fealty, and other similar roads. How does one keep a balance between humility and hubris?


    June 23, 2015: "Show and Tell with Your Sex Toys"—Jen and Dr. Bob

     June 23, 2015: "Show and Tell with Your Sex Toys"

    with Jen and Dr. Bob

    Come share your favorite sex toys!!  On camera!!  

    Due to the nature of the content, this recording is available only to members of  Jen & Dr. Bob's private learning community. Enroll by clicking "Add to Cart" above. It's free! 


    June 9, 2015: "Common Sense Communication: Negotiating Life"—Daniel McClenahan

    June 9, 2015: "Common Sense Communication: Negotiating Life"

    Guest: Daniel McClenahan (aka "Steel")

    This presentation is about the nature of safety as it applies to different aspects of play and relationship models as well as how negotiation can and should be a natural and fluid process. We will be discussing everything from casual play to committed consensual non-consent relationships and how to use common sense approaches to negotiate your way to a safer environment for all.


    May 26, 2015: "Incapacitated Master or slave: A Pragmatic Look at the Unexpected"—Master Joe, MAsT Melbourne, AU

    May 26, 2015: "Incapacitated Master or slave: A Pragmatic Look at the Unexpected"

    Guests: Master Joe and slave kim, MAsT Melbourne, Australia

    Shit happens. Life gets in the way. Sometimes Master and slave must radically alter their routines simply to get through a day.   Join us as we listen to Master Joe and slave kim from MaST (Masters and slaves Together) in Melbourne, Australia address the challenges each of them faced when the other partner was caught up in an incapacitating illness.


    May 12, 2015: "You are Getting Very Horny: Hypnotic Arousal and Orgasm—Part 2"—Bryan Cassidy (Hypnoguru)

    May 12, 2015: "You are Getting Very Horny: Hypnotic Arousal and Orgasm—Part 2"

    Guest: Bryan Cassidy (Hypnoguru)

    Time flew in the March 24 session, "You are Getting Very Horny: Hypnotic Arousal and Orgasm - Part 1," so Bryan agreed to come back for Part 2, where he  reviewed the ins and outs of using hypnosis to stimulate, tease, excite, and yes, even produce full-blown, genuine, mind-melting orgasms. It's all in the name of good clean fun--and better sex. 

    April 28, 2015: "Reexamining Authority-Imbalanced Relationships"—Jen and Dr. Bob

    April 28, 2015: "Reexamining Authority-Imbalanced Relationships"

    Facilitators: Jen and Dr. Bob

    This webinar was a facilitated discussion on dynamics of M/s relationships, on questions such as: Why are you together? What is the purpose of your M/s relationship? Are you together for tangible reasons? If not, what keeps you together?  

    Continue Your Learning:Books mentioned in this session and/or recommended by participants:

      The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

     Please Understand Me: Temperament Types


    April 14, 2015: "Who's Your Daddy —Part 2"—Z4DDy

    April 14, 2015: "Who's Your Dadddy: Part 2"

    Guest: Z4DDy

    Back by popular demand after the fact-filledMarch 10 webinar on the same topic,  Guest: Z4DDy joins Jen and Dr. Bob for more in-depth discussion about age play.


    March 24, 2015: "You Are Getting Very Horny: Hypnotic Arousal and Orgasm"—Bryan Cassidy

    March 24, 2015: "You are Getting Very Horny: Hypnotic Arousal and Orgasm - Part 1"

    Guest: Bryan Cassidy (Hypnoguru)

    It's all in your mind. And by "it," I mean sex. Bryan will review the ins and outs of using hypnosis to stimulate, tease, excite, and yes, even produce full-blown, genuine, mind-melting orgasms. It's all in the name of good clean fun--and better sex.


    March 10, 2015: "Who's Your Daddy? Part 1"—Z4DDy

    March 10, 2015: "Who's Your Daddy?"

    Guest: Z4DDy

    Explore the unique responsibilities of Doms/Masters/Daddies/Caretakers in age play relationships. During this webinar, we’ll compare and contrast a range of relationship structures based on a caring dominant figure paired with a dependent submissive figure.


    February 24, 2015: "Relationship Dissatisfaction"—Panel Discussion

     Feb. 24, 2015: Panel Discussion: "Relationship Dissatisfaction"

    Panelists: M. Jen Fairfield and Dr. Bob Rubel, Michael and slave angie (current International Master and slave), Master Andy and slave sue (MAsT Ottawa), Nikita and Ursula (Calgary), Sir Dragon Z and slave mikey.

    A wide-ranging discussion of sources of relationship dissatisfaction: ebb and flow in relationships; being “out of alignment” in your relationship; communication breakdowns; not speaking the same emotional language; if your partner is not what you’d hoped for; slave is smarter than Master; Master is ego-insecure; leadership and followship problems.


    Feb. 10, 2015: "Navigating Emotionally Turbulent Communication: Part II"—Master Andy and Sue

    February 10, 2015: "Navigating Emotionally Turbulent Communication: Part 2"

    Guests: Master Andy and slave sue (MAsT Ottawa)

    After the webinar with Master Andy and slave sue on Dec 9, 2014, we had many requests to bring them back for more discussion about managing emotionally turbulent communications. This is the continuation of that session.

    This workshop is based on a combination of two books: Verbal Judoand The Lowdown: Dodging the Bullet – Effective Risk Communication.


    Jan. 27, 2015: "Living in Gratitude on the Right Side of the Slash"—slave namaste and Nurse V

     Jan. 27, 2015: "Living in Gratitude on the Right Side of the Slash"

    Guests: V and namaste

    Come to learn and discuss definitions of gratitude, expressions of gratitude, and how it can change your mood, and your life.


    Jan. 13, 2015: "Lost in the Web of Words: BDSM versus Leather and Why One Would Care"—Jen & Dr. Bob

    Jan. 13, 2015:"Lost in the Web of Words: BDSM versus Leather and Why One Would Care"

    Facilitators: Jen & Dr. Bob

    Words trip us up in the worlds of BDSM and Master/slave relationships. We’re opening the floor for discussions about how words represent concepts and how we can more clearly communicate the roles of a Master, a slave, a Dominant and a submissive in relation to their dominant/submissive personalities.


    Dec. 9, 2014: "Navigating Emotionally Turbulent Communication"—Master Andy and Sue

    Dec. 9, 2014:""Navigating Emotionally Turbulent Communication: Part 1"

    Guests: Master Andy and Sue

    Learn why common communication skills fail and introduce risk communication techniques. We will teach 5 essential steps to reduce the fallout and help you maintain control, and share share how these have worked for us.

    This workshop is based on a combination of two books, Verbal Judoand The Lowdown: Dodging the Bullet – Effective Risk Communication 



    November 11, 2014: "Consensual Non-Consent”—Michael and danae

    November 11, 2014: "Consensual Non-Consent”  

    Guests: Michael and danae

    Recording not posted due to audio difficulties, but is available upon request.


    October 28, 2014: "Self Mastery”—Hound

    October 28, 2014: "Self Mastery"

    Guest: Hound

    A discussion of self-mastery centered around the idea that to accept the responsibility of dominating another, one should seek to establish legitimacy by mastering oneself.   


    October 14, 2014: "Our Protocols That Support Our Kink”—Jen and Dr. Bob

    October 14, 2014: "Our Protocols That Support Our Kink" 

    Jen and Dr. Bob share some of their personal protocols that support their kinky lifestyle. This will be a “dinner” event, but much more revealing. For the first time, they position the camera so you can see what they really are doing when they have Dinner at Table, as they call it. This is an explicit broadcast.


    September 23, 2014: "Beyond Foot Rubs: Sexy Shoe and Foot Fun”—Multiperv (Austin)

    Sept 23, 2014: "Beyond Foot Rubs: Sexy Shoe and Foot Fun"

    Guest host: Multiperv (Austin) 

     Join Multiperv as he explores the underappreciated areas of foot and footwear-related play and fetishes.  


    September. 9, 2014: "Energy Flows, Spirituality, and BDSM"—Dan Shackleford (Fet = MasterShack)

    Sept. 9, 2014: "Energy Flows, Spirituality, and BDSM"

    Guest: Dan Shackleford (Fet = MasterShack)

    The human body responds to physical sensations and emotions by generating energy. We will discuss this energy flow, its impacts, and even some suggestions for managing it to enhance BDSM scenes..

    Recommended reading: The Ethical Psychic Vampire by Raven Kaldera. 


    August 12, 2014: "Practices and Tools for Joyful Poly"—Dan and Rose (Voyagers BDSM Club, Austin)

    August 12, 2014: “ Practices and Tools for Joyful Poly”

    Guests: Dan and Rose (Voyagers BDSM Club, Austin) 

    Dan and Rose discuss polyamory with Jen and Dr. Bob, beginning with a brief overview and then an introduction to some common poly practices.

    Recommended reading:

    • The Usual Errorby Pace and Kyeli Smith • The Five Love Languagesby Gary Chapman • Nonviolent Communicationby Marshall B. Rosenberg • The Ethical Slutby Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt • Opening Upby Tristan Taormino.


    July 22, 2014: “Spanking in All Its Glory”—Tubaman (Dallas)

    July 22, 2014: “Spanking in All Its Glory”

    Guest: Tubaman (Dallas)

    Recording to come.

    There’s erotic spanking, there’s BDSM spanking, there’s punishment spanking and there’s Shadow Lane spanking.  Come bring your perspectives and questions to an evening that can cover anything you want to know about spanking: erotic, sensuous, disciplinary, playful, punishment, and maintenance, as well as implements.

    July 8, 2014: "Red, White, and Blue: Blood Play"—Bob Ritchey (Bydarra)

    July 8, 2014: "Red, White, and Blue: Blood Play"

    Guest: Bob Ritchey (Bydarra)

    In honor of the US Independence Day holiday, we’ve decided to celebrate in the colors of the flag. The canvas will be white and we will explore ways to decorate it in blood both above and below the surface. 


    June 24: “Joy and Laughter in M/s”—Master Todd and slave elizabeth

    June 24, 2014: “Joy and Laughter in M/s”

    Guests: Master Todd and slave elizabeth (Southwest Master/slave 2013)

    Let’s talk about ways to maintain the deeply real and serious power exchange of a Master and slave while finding laughter, playfulness, and joy.


    June 10, 2014: "CBT for Father's Day" Guest: Master Tandeer

    June 10, 2014: "CBT for Father's Day"

    Guest: Master Tandeer

    This discussion and demo covered male anatomy as well as options for playing with the family jewels. Jen, Dr. Bob, and Master Tandeer stress safety and share their opinions about what makes this such an exciting form of play for both the top and bottom. 

    May 27, 2014: "Killing the Buddha: How to Talk and Teach Your Truth in SM and Spirituality"—Senior Jaime

    May 27, 2014: "Killing the Buddha: How to Talk and Teach Your Truth in SM and Spirituality"

    Guest: Senior Jaime

    In recent years, the spiritual aspects of SM have taken a more prominent role in our assorted communities. This session was a discussion of the challenges, pitfalls, rewards, and responsibilities that come with using "what it is that we do" as tools for the spirit. 

    May 13, 2014: "Facing Desires That May Cause Shame"—Master Andy and Sue

    May 13, 2014: "Facing Desires That May Cause Shame"

    Guests: Master Andy and sue (MAsT Ottowa)

    As exciting as exploring power exchange can be, it can also bring to light darker desires within ourselves. Shame and/or fear of what lurks in our shadows can stop us from exploring. By identifying these inner shadows, we can become free to express and explore areas we may have held at arm’s length. 

    April 22, 2014: "Are Contracts Necessary?”—Jen & Dr. Bob

    April 22, 2014:  "Are Contracts Necessary?"

    Are contracts more relevant in leather M/s structures than in not-leather M/s and D/s structures? In a general way, D/s relationships and not-leather structures appear to get along without formal contracts, yet contracts and protocol manuals seem still to thrive in the world of leather M/s. What's up with that? If slave is committed to Master, why is there a need for a contract?   

    April 8, 2014: "Bootblacking and Spirituality"—Boi Jayson, Henry James, and slave tabatha

    April 8, 2014:  "Bootblacking and Spirituality"

    Guests: Boi Jayson, Henry James, and slave tabatha

    While most of those in the leather lifestyle understand the importance of conditioning and caring for our leather, far fewer of us understand much beyond that. How are bootblacking and spirituality entwined? Our guests, all bootblacking title holders, discuss the deep appeal of caring for boots and leather.     

    March 25, 2014: "Danger, Keep Out: an M/s Relationship Discussion"—Master Obsidian and slave namaste


    March 25, 2014: "Danger, Keep Out: an M/s Relationship Discussion"

    Guests: Master Obsidian and slave namaste

    Exploring the nature of the transformative power of the M/s dynamic can inspire a better understanding of what tools are needed for the journey and better prepare us for its challenges. Join us as we discuss ways the Master-slave dynamic can impact your perspectives, your relationships with others, and your life, and offer insights into embracing not only What it is that you do, but who it is that you are.


    March 11, 2014: “D/s Relationship Structures: A Discussion"—Bob Scott (Fet = Bydarra)


    March 11, 2014: “D/s Relationship Structures: A Discussion."

    Bob Scott (Fet = Bydarra) 

    Master/slave... Owner/property... Owner/pet... Trainer/pet...Daddy/girl... how do we make sense of the differences in labels and roles?  


    Feb. 25, 2014: “Civility and Incivility in Our Community”—Master Joe and slave kim


    Feb. 25, 2014: “Civility and Incivility in Our Community”

    Guests: Master Joe and slave kim

    In our community, people are sometimes outed, falsely accused on social networks, and gossiped about in truly horrific ways.  Why does this happen and what can we do as individuals to help boost the openness and friendliness in our various communities?  

    Feb 11, 2014: “Playing with Pussy: Unusual Toys and Techniques”


    Feb 11, 2014:  Playing with the Pussy: Ideas for Using Unusual Toys and Techniques to Control Her Pleasure While You’re Having Fun”

    This “hot sex” demo with Jen and Dr. Bob is fast-paced and very intense. We’ll use a variety of techniques to demonstrate edgy (mostly genital) play leading to female ejaculating (squirting, gushing). We’ll involve genital electro-stim, genital and body slapping and punching, fisting, heavy genital flogging, stun gun, etc.  We’ll also demonstrate some large insertables and do some unusual things with a vibrator.  

    Due to the nature of the content, this recording is available only to members of  Jen & Dr. Bob's private group. Enroll by clicking "Add to Cart" above. It's free! 

    {slider  Jan. 28, 2014:  “Aging in BDSM”—Sir Tri, Dr. Al, Master Michael, and Master Tallen}  http://youtu.be/3LqMWfJ5rDA

    Jan. 28, 2014: “Aging in BDSM—How Aging Affects Play for Both the Top and Bottom”

    Guests: Sir Tri, Dr. Al (Oxgyn), Master Michael, and Master Tallen

    Following the Oct. 8 webinar discussion on “Aging in M/s" with Master Don, the question of what to do when the aging affects you physically was asked.  Two aspects of life have profound impacts on how you play: having a serious accident and body changes resulting from age or illness. Master Tallen (broken back) and Sir Tri (shoulder and knee issues) will discuss how they have had to compensate and change their play styles to accommodate their changed bodies. Master Michael will discuss how he has to compensate and change his playing style for his slave who has lupus, and Dr. Al, as an OB/GYN, will tell us how a woman’s body changes during and after menopause and changes her top may need to make for their continued enjoyment of play. Come join our discussion about ways of coping with aging and accidents for both the top and bottom. Dr. Al is a kinky OB/GYN; Master Tallen is a well-known leather titleholder; Master Michael is the 2013 Great Lakes Master. 




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