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The Intimate Hypnosis Training Centeroffers professional training focused on the use of hypnosis for sexual and gender concerns.

As an internet-based educational initiative, IHTC partners with Creative Sexuality in offering professional courses for those who have an interest in sexological education and/or who wish to develop new skills to assist clients in the management of sexual and gender concerns, as well as the use of hypnotism for sexual enrichment.

The center’s courses and programs are designed to provide a standardized theoretical and practical foundation for continuing education in this specialty.


Mission Statement


Our mission promotes sexological hypnotism as a clinical specialty for management of sexual and gender concerns, promotion of sexual health, and for enrichment of sexual intimacy and pleasure. Through sexological hypnotism, we support diversity in gender expression and sexual preferences. We advocate for the creation of sexological, educational, and ethical standards in the use of hypnotism to address these types of concerns.

Our goal is to create academic and professional programs that combine human sexuality education, sexology, erotology, and gender education with hypnotism instruction. These programs are designed to provide a foundation in human sexuality and hypnotism for sexologists, hypnotists, and others in the helping professions, as they seek to broaden their understanding and help their clients with sexual and gender concerns.

Our programs are “strength-based,” sex-positive, and respectful and welcoming of diversity. People who are transgender, transsexual, or otherwise gender variant are particularly welcome and encouraged to participate in programs and in this initiative. The sexual and gender health and well-being of clients and consumers, and of our students and colleagues, is our dearest concern.



Amy Marsh, EdD, DHS, CH, CI, ACS—Board-certified sexologist, sex educator, and certified consulting hypnotist. Curriculum development and instruction.

Asher Bauer—Radical trans columnist and blogger, queer and kink educator. Gender curriculum development and instruction.

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