» Are you an established sexologist, sexuality educator, or other professional in adult sexuality or sexual health? 

» Need a place to teach your classes online without technical, administrative, and censorship headaches?

» Are you committed to offering sex-positive educational experiences for adults without geographic limitations?

Teach on the CSEC virtual campus. Manage your content, students, and classrooms your way.

Basic Arrangement

Basic Arrangement

We offer established sexuality educators and institutions a place to offer online courses and private learning communities without the technical headaches, overhead cost, or censorship/political concerns.   

Here's how it works:

  • If you're approved to teach, we give you an empty online classroom on the CSEC virtual campus.    
  • You design and build your course. We'll point you toward resources to help you. 
  • When your course is ready for students, you'll get a link to a private enrollment page that you can promote. Your students get immediate 24/7 access to your class upon enrollment.
  • Courses meeting certain criteria will also be marketed on the Creative Sexuality website.
  • No fixed overhead for you--payment is usually a revenue split. We collect the fee during enrollment and send you a check the following month. 
  • We provide the campus and classrooms; you manage your own courses, content, and students.  

How Can I Use My Online Classrooms?

How Can I Use My Online Classrooms?

Paid online classes (self-paced or synchronous)

Paid webinars

Special-interest groups, coaching/mentoring groups, or support groups

Free mini-classes or free webinars (for community service, marketing, or promotional purposes--subject to limitations)

Blended learning: Combine online preparation and self-study with your in-person program.

Community building or supplemental information before, during, or after an event. 

What Can I Have in My Classrooms?

What Can I Have in My Classrooms?

Our virtual campus is built on robust e-learning software used by thousands of universities and corporations. You can create an engaging online class your way, using any combination of the following tools:

Written content: books, articles, web links

Video lectures, other videos, audio, images  

Discussion forums



Live webinars

Custom online books and wikis

Group projects


Student and class messaging

Completion certificates and badges   


Who Is the Target Market?

Who Is the Market?

The target audience for your class could be either (or both) of the following:

  • Professionals: Those seeking professional development in a topic related to sexuality or sexual health. We can accommodate instructors offering CEUs or certification programs.
  • Adults anywhere in the world seeking intelligent, guided learning and/or support on a wide variety of sexuality-related topics.

Classes can be offered in any language. Our reach is global, our audience and their needs are diverse.  

General Criteria for Teaching

General Criteria for Teaching

Four important things you should have before deciding to invest time in creating and marketing an online course:  

  • Professional qualifications and/or expertise in your topic: will people want to learn from you? Do you have, or can you grow, a following?
  • A marketable topic, course objectives, basic structure, and sources of content.
  • Technical literacy: Comfortable using computers, including simple video and images. Basic web page design knowledge is helpful. Or you can give a friend or a freelancer access to your classroom to assist you.
  • A plan for promoting your courses.    


Misc. Things to Know

Misc. Things to Know

Good online classes aren't "information dumps" of content.  You'll want to create a guided learning experience that engages participants and encourages communication. In addition to reading material and videos, you can leverage many other tools in your classroom—including forums, discussion groups, assignments, quizzes, private and group messaging, chats, webinars, group wikis, badges, and more—to promote engagement and a personal learning experience. 

We currently don't have the resources to assist instructors in course design. However, the system is easy to learn, and the Faculty Lounge and Resource Center offers tutorials to get you started. You could also hire a freelance instructional designer to help you. We can provide the name(s) of freelancers familiar with our system upon request. 

Creative Sexuality reserves the right to choose not to list or host any course or event at its discretion.

What Next?

What Next?

Want to know more, or are you ready to get started? Contact Ava Durga through the Contact Us link or our Facebook page to discuss the next steps.

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