Our Mission

CSEC was created to fill a gap in the world of adult education. Because of the staggering volume and uneven quality of adult-sexuality-related educational content available online, the role of focused, instructor-guided classes and coaching is growing, particularly for busy adults serious about expanding their personal or professional sexual horizons.

Yet too many people don’t know that such learning opportunities exist, or what’s available in their city or online. And sadly, too many adults don’t know what more they can learn about sex, and the fulfillment that increased sexual knowledge and awareness can bring.

CSEC aims to promote the value of sexuality education for adults, and to make it easy for serious sexual knowledge-seekers to find quality live and online classes, workshops, webinars, professional certification programs, continuing education opportunities, and other learning resources related to human sexuality, relationships, and gender identity.  

Our CORE Beliefs and Values

CSEC is driven by the following beliefs and values:

  • That enjoying a full, rich, creative sexual and romantic life is important to most adults.
  • That sexual attraction, orientation, identity, interests, and concerns can come in an infinite number of forms.
  • That sexuality can evolve, expand, and grow richer and more creative throughout a lifetime.
  • That education is a personal experience that involves interacting with and learning from other human beings.
  • That increased knowledge leads to increased sexual confidence and more fulfilling sexual expression.
  • That honest, straightforward, shame-free sexuality education should be available to adults without being restricted by geography, political agendas, culture, or language.
  • That sexuality and relationship experts need a platform where they can promote their workshops and programs, teach their classes online, and network with other educators toward a greater good. 

Our Founder

 Ava Durga is an adult education devotee with expertise in e-learning and several years working with online universities. She is not a sex educator, but has a passionate interest in human sexuality and sexual health that dates back to... well, a long time. 
Struck by the proliferation of online sexuality information repositories (i.e., information overload) and lack of instructor-led online classes for adults,  Ava set out initially to create a virtual campus to serve established sexuality educators who wanted to teach online. That campus now houses a growing number of public and private online classes. But as she began seeing the wonderful work being done by so many sexuality educators in live venues and various online formats worldwide, she felt the need to expand the vision and make CSEC a go-to resource for finding all forms of instructor-led sexuality education and coaching.

Online Class Guarantee

Most sex educators teaching their online courses on the Creative Sexuality virtual campus provide a satisfaction guarantee. Check the course description or contact the instructor for details. Please note that courses on the CSEC online campus are offered by the instructor, not by CSEC. 

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